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Young & Old - FAT POSSUM
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Erin Hall on February 14, 2012



Cape Dory, the debut album from husband-and-wife-plus-drummer trio Tennis, was hailed as a burst of summer in the dead of winter this time last year. It chronicled a sailing trip down the Eastern seaboard and, while definitely an achievement launched with vigor and joy, could have alternately been titled “Smiley Happy Hipsters Holding Hands.” Their followup, Young & Old, will not suffer that fate, thanks to the gritty production fingerprints of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. He allows the band to retain their innate sweetness while ever so deftly smudging the edges of their sunshiney sound. They bring heavy percussion to the front on tracks like “My Better Self,” allowing it to cradle the delicate vocals of Alaina Moore rather than swallow them. Little touches like the mod organ flare on “Traveling” take this record from “fun, but sound-same” to “must listen.”  

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