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Cape Dory - Fat Possum
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Clare R. Lopez on March 14, 2011



By now, it’s no secret that Tennis’ debut, Cape Dory, was inspired by Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore’s seven-month voyage along the East Coast in the husband and wife’s sailboat, also known as The Swift Ranger. Yet while tales of the life aquatic are at the heart of this record, there is no denying that they are kept afloat by the youthful earnesty and composure of Moore’s vocals. Her delivery makes lyrics like “We can play in the surf/Holding hands/And nap through the day on some beach sand” (“Cape Dory”) possible to pull off with complete sincerity and also gives Tennis’ brand of surf pop an edge. From the buoyant (“Seafarer”) to the dreamy (“Water Birds”), the only gray cloud in the sky is the question of whether each track is different enough from the next. But then again, you might be too busy dancing the swim to notice.

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