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Tegan and Sara
Heartthrob - WARNER
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Staff on January 28, 2013


Tegan and Sara

On their new album Heartthrob, Canadian indie rock duo Tegan and Sara change direction toward a more polished pop sound. From the opening single “Closer” to the final track “Shock to Your System,” the songs are full of danceable hooks and mainstream-radio-friendly vocals. Still, the change is not so drastic, except perhaps for the most fanatic fans of the band. Even while the production is the slickest of any of their albums (thanks to producers Greg Kurstin and Justin Meldal-Johnsen), the songwriting is still as earnest and heart-on-the-sleeve as ever; Tegan and Sara’s vocals keep their back-and-forth rhythm of echo and counterpoint, belting out the songs with as much emotion as ever. If anything, the fact that this album doesn’t fit as neatly with their most popular album, The Con, is a good sign—the girls aren’t yet ready to rest on their laurels, and instead continue to push their music dynamically forward.  


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