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Teen Daze
The Inner Mansions - LEFSE
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Bailey Pennick on November 8, 2012


Teen Daze

Gaze deep into the cover art for Teen Daze’s The Inner Mansions. In the thick of the forest, a gleaming white monolith stands untouched by the dirt of nature around it. Within his sophomore LP, Vancouver producer Jamison almost immerses himself in the world of electronic pop, but he refuses to truly dive deep into the visceral world and instead keeps his music cerebral. With tracks like “New Life,” “Garden 1” and “Garden 2,” he attempts to bond with the physical world, but it comes across as strange as that monument in the forest. The Inner Mansions succeeds when Jamison forgoes the idea of connection and works on a higher plane of thought and structure, done best on tracks like “Union,” “Spirit” and “The Heart of God.” While the reason that the pristine statue lives in the woods remains a mystery, its beauty and glow is enough to keep us intrigued.


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