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In Limbo - CARPARK
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Bailey Pennick on August 27, 2012



“Better,” the first track on In Limbo, the debut LP of Brooklyn-based TEEN, features the chorus “I’ll do it better than anybody else.” Bold? Yes. A challenge? Definitely. The female foursome featuring Here We Go Magic’s Teeny Lieberson (with her sisters Lizzie and Katherine, and Jane Herships) thrives on these kind of straightforward lyrics and Lieberson’s musical prowess and ambition. Throughout the 11 tracks, Lieberson challenges herself with takes on Blondie (“Electric”), Animal Collective (“In Limbo”) and even Burt Bacharach (“Charlie”), each moving beyond their original influences and into the floaty world that is specifically unique to TEEN. Complete with gorgeous harmonies and an intricate wall of sound that is somehow both delicate and powerful, the only thing that keeps Lieberson from succeeding outright is that most of the tracks clock in at around six minutes long. The talent and drive are there, but they linger too much to be truly appreciated.


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