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Sweet Apple
Love & Desperation - Tee Pee
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Scott Thill on March 4, 2010


Sweet Apple

A throwback ’70s pop-rock jam from Cobra Verde singer John Petkovic, Dinosaur Jr. axe god J. Mascis and Witch bassist Dave Sweetapple, the self-referential Sweet Apple crafts summery anthems perfectly built for the bong room or mini-golf course. Sweet irony, given the band was formed after a distraught Petkovic nearly lost his noodle. But music soothes the savage beast and Petkovic, Mascis and Sweetapple know what they’re doing in the rock department. They’re at their technical best when pounding out the rough stuff, like the dirty “Flying Up the Mountain” or the nuts-off stomp of “Hold Me I’m Dying.” On that tune, as well as the lurking “Blindfold,” Sweet Apple sounds like it sucked The Doors through Black Sabbath’s nightmare. The lo-fi ambiance of “Dead Moon” is lush with hypnotics. Sometimes Petkovic’s confessional urgency takes its toll, but those hooked by ferocious rock riffage might be too stoned to hear the lyrics anyway. It’s all in the title: Petkovic’s love letter to his hopeful future is a loud one. Mission accomplished.

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