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FILTER Grade: 84%

By Adam Pollock on March 14, 2013



Being labeled “best new band,” on the strength of their debut album in 2011 by none other than the NME, would be enough to send most groups into a tailspin of anxiety-related pharmaceutical dependency and writer’s block. And while we’re not sure the former didn’t happen, Suuns, as evidenced by their stunning new album Images Du Futur, certainly didn’t balk at the task of producing a compelling sophomore release. The Montreal quartet has their fingers in many pies, and the combination of noise, space, art and good old rock come together in a mix that creates its own gravitational pull. For the most part, Suuns’ sound borders on experimental, but with each listen delicate structures emerge. We may think we’re just meandering through a world populated by blips, bloops and jazzy interludes—and we are—yet with patience a destination emerges. As the last track on the album says, “music won’t save you,” but in the hands of Suuns it certainly makes for a welcome distraction. 

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