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FILTER Grade: 79%

By Gianna Hughes on July 8, 2013



Los Angeles–based Superhumanoids explore life’s dichotomies with the sonically atmospheric Exhibitionists, illustrating the contrast between the masculine and feminine aspects of human relationships through vocals, lyrics and instrumentation. Declaring themselves too young for love, it’s a realization and wisdom one might only ascertain after falling in it and experiencing heartbreak. We’ve always been considered too young, too old, too small, too slow to get what we want, but what matters is that we keep trying. And through this exploration of pining for someone you’ll never have, or ruing that you left someone you once loved, Superhumanoids have created a unique—yet universal—peek into the opposing planetary male and female psyches. And they share this with us, righteously, like exhibitionists, exposing us to the deepest and most intimate of artistic and personal efforts. 


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