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Miracle Mile - POLYVINYL
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Zachary Sniderman on March 19, 2013



A STRFKR song is a pretty consistent animal: tight drums, punchy bass, whimsical guitar lines and pixie-like vocals from Joshua Hodges and his crew of dial spinners and riff-makers. Miracle Mile isn’t a departure from any of this; there is pep and strong composition, but not a lot of creativity. That last one isn’t a requirement, but Miracle Mile has a bad habit of feeling one-note. The best moments come when the band finds a groove and commits. STRFKR does find inspiration in their chord voicings (and, hot damn, do they have a good drummer). “Say To You” starts strong but meanders; “YAYAYA,” on the other hand, is a loopy jolt of sad and fun; and “Kahlil Gibran” nails what makes this band so spectacular when they’re on. Somehow, two chords (it’s a one-four, for the music nerds) become a promise and an ode to be better and to let go. Miracle Mile is fun, but the record’s sparse highs also lay bare its lows.


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