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The Five Ghosts - Vagrant
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Jennifer McCutchen on June 9, 2010



For those still groaning about the exaggerated theatrics on Stars’ last record, say hello to the Canadian quintet’s fifth full-length album, aptly titled The Five Ghosts. Don’t worry, it packs the same profundity, rhapsodic charm and orchestration of previous records, but Stars takes it one step further, intensifying their indie-pop wizardry. “We Don’t Want Your Body,” a spunky, dance-driven duet between Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan, leads with Campbell (gasp) rapping—sort of. Despite the song’s lyrical objective, the snappy script between the pair reminds us why they’re so great together. And no Stars record would be complete without a silky, delicate ballad from Millan—“Changes” might just be the album’s song du jour. What it boils down to is that everything on this squeaky-clean album is carefully calculated, from perfectly placed synthesizers to haunting vocals. The Five Ghosts is something for which it can be suspected fans will be jonesing for some time. JENNIFER MCCUTCHEN

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