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Reptilians - Polyvinyl
FILTER Grade: 73%

By Kenny S. McGuane on March 9, 2011



The synth-pop market has officially been saturated (or electro-pop, indie-electro or however the fuck you wanna describe Starfucker). After an unimpressive (but still pretty charming) self-titled debut album and some EPs, the Portland electronica band—with the unspeakably impractical name—has returned with Reptilians. With so many bands making this variety of keyboard-based, half-dance computer music, inventiveness and originality have become a rare commodity. Reptilians isn’t terribly original and certainly isn’t inventive, at least not musically. Frontman/songwriter Josh Hodges lost a grandmother recently and this album is, evidently, a philosophically peppy response meant to evoke the idea that, without death, life has no meaning. While it succeeds in that respect, it has the same problem as its predecessor: There’s nothing memorable about it, especially considering Starfucker is famous (rightly so) for its exceptional and exciting live shows. With no standout tracks, Reptilians just becomes 40 minutes of innocuous, digital background music that’s been done before.

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