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St. Vincent
St. Vincent - LOMA VISTA
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Zack Kraimer on February 24, 2014


St. Vincent

Annie Clark is truly, utterly exposed in her work, and that’s never been more apparent than on her new, self-titled opus. Just because she puts herself out there doesn’t mean you’ll always hear the same Annie, though. St. Vincent takes the airy poise of her past, plugs it into the wall and chucks the whole thing into a bathtub. She seems to have been deeply inspired by her work with David Byrne, especially on the horn-laden “Digital Witness,” but more than the sounds themselves, it seems that she was taken by his fearless, whimsical creativity. Her music sounds more self-assured than ever, with a fresh vitality that makes it sincerely fun to listen to. For an album as diverse as this one, its singularity of vision is remarkable. It’s overflowing with imaginative timbres, from the familiarly wispy synth pads in “I Prefer Your Love” to some of the raunchiest tones she’s ever employed in the chugging “Regret” and the chaotic “Bring Me Your Loves,” and yet the writing still takes center stage. St. Vincent is buoyant in the way that the Hindenburg was—it floats along steadily and excitedly, but with a decisive coldness that suggests that something unexpected might happen. Luckily for Clark, that’s a good thing this time. 


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