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Blame Confusion - FAT POSSUM
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Robert Rea on March 14, 2014



On their debut, Montreal duo Solids come out swinging and never let up. Back to front, Blame Confusion consists of balls-to-the-wall bangers. When the pace slows down, it isn’t by much.To occasionally offset the breakneck speed, a heavy dose of distortion and feedback complements their single-hook formula, filling the space behind each basic three-chord structure. The title track accelerates through the steady beat of Louis Guillemette’s kick drum before reaching a fist-pumping crescendo that smashes into a reverberating wall of noise. Looking for the perfect anthem to piss off your neighbors while throwing a house party? Open all the doors and blast “Traces” at full volume. “Just let the wind blow,” howls guitarist and vocalist, Xavier Germain Poitras, “just let it carry me home.” Solids treat every song like it’s their last, so pour a shot and turn that shit up. 

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