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Smith Westerns
Soft Will - MOM + POP
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Paula Mejia on May 22, 2013


Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns aren’t quite made for these times. The Chicago three-piece create glossy, ’70s-sugared tunes that unabashedly draw from the sad-yet-sweet tradition set forth by Britpop, from The Beatles’ later work to more contemporary pioneers like The Stone Roses. With hooky guitar licks, the band has returned to release their third album, Soft Will, the follow-up to 2011’s candied Dye It Blonde. Smith Westerns wear their musical influences on their sleeve. “XXIII” features the very chords from “The Great Gig In the Sky,” and the reverb-dripped “Idol” twinkles with lighthearted ’60s pop. Soft Will’s smart production results in their most refined release yet, especially with tracks like the gorgeous “Cheer Up,” although it drastically tones down the lovable fuzz. It’s not immediately remarkable but certainly hum-worthy, growing on a listener like flowers blooming after a long winter and timidly warming to the sun again.  


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