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Sleepy Sun
Fever - ATP
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Lynn Lieu on June 21, 2010


Sleepy Sun

On its sophomore album, Fever, Sleepy Sun doesn’t stray far from last year’s debut. Where the band prevailed on Embrace—mixing slow jams with heavy rock—it rehashes on Fever, as evident in “Wild Machines” and opener “Marina.” Fever also maintains the group’s hazy electronic jams of last year’s “Sleepy Son” in “Open Eyes.” But where this album takes a detour is in its minimalistic melody. For example, “Rigamaroo” features Sleepy Sun’s sole female, Rachel Williams, on lead vocals and exhibits a folk-like quality, while “Ooh Boy” is a short melancholy tune with a hint of gospel. Still, “Sandstorm Woman,” a nine-minute blues-rock track, incorporates all the elements Sleepy Sun is known for and perhaps can best sum up the album and the group’s nascent discography. If anything, Fever is evidence of a young band’s mastering of techniques, and its fear of moving on from what worked the first time around. If you liked Embrace, you’ll like Fever. If you’re looking for something novel, you might have better luck at a bookstore. LYNN LIEU

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