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Manhattan - WARNER
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Daniel Kohn on April 29, 2014



For the better part of the past months, the raw power of New York City’s SKATERS’ live show has taken both the Big Apple and United Kingdom by storm. So, could the trio replicate that energy on their first LP? The answer is a resounding “fuck yeah, bro!” Lyrically, the album tells the story of the Kafka-esque transformation of becoming a New Yorker. It may seem like a simple concept, except the band’s music is anything but. “One of Us” is a crunchy, thumping tune that The Strokes could have written in their earlier years, while reggae-driven songs like “Bandbreaker” and “Fear of the Knife” demonstrate SKATERS’ eclectic songwriting abilities. Between their ferocious instrumentation and a razor-sharp understanding of who they are, these New Yorkers hope to usher in a return to the city’s two-finger salute heyday. So far, so good.

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