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Sigur Rós
Inni - XL
FILTER Grade: 88%

By Ken Scrudato on November 15, 2011


Sigur Rós

A good many fortnights ago, I had the glorious fortune to be present at a Sigur Rós live performance at the Botanique in Brussels. Availed of no distracting companions, I experienced something not unlike Stendhal’s Syndrome, an instance of being so overwhelmed with artistic passion and beauty as to become physically disoriented afterwards. Inni, a new double album and 75-minute film documenting the final Sigur Rós live appearance from late in 2008, captures the experience with a striking power. As it opens with the terrifyingly beautiful wail of Jónsi Birgisson’s violently bowed guitar, there is an equal sense of doom and exhilaration. The film then cuts to one of those great idiotic radio moments, where the American DJ asks if they started out sounding “more regular.” Oof. But we already know of the ineffable magic of the band’s music, which can sound like a Bach organ concerto one moment, Led Zeppelin the next and the sound of the end of the world right after that. Vincent Morisset directs Inni in a minimalist, enigmatic black and white that captures all of the elegance, somberness and chilling majesty of what might be the most singular and unparalleled band of their generation. Watch, and listen, without distraction.


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