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Shovels & Rope
O' Be Joyful - DUALTONE
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Erin Hall on August 14, 2012


Shovels & Rope

This charming Charleston duo have been touring tirelessly since joining forces in 2010. Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent were solid singers and songwriters on their own, but the pairing is truly a thing of magic. Their new record O’ Be Joyful is a delightful combination of knee-slapping, bordering-on-gospel folk tracks and bluesy guitar-driven rock (with the exciting addition of horns this time around). Opener “Birmingham” starts things off right with its pulsing rhythm and beautiful vocal harmonies, borrowing from the traditional hymn “Rock of Ages.” And the excitement doesn’t end there. From Hearst’s haunting vocals cascading over the delicate strains of “Carnival” to the explosively sexy brass of “Hail Hail,” this album is pure joy.

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