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Shout Out Louds
Optica - MERGE
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Jon Falcone on March 28, 2013


Shout Out Louds

Shout Out Louds have always paired melancholy and noise tastefully. Over four albums and a decade, they’ve tapped a steady supply of sadness set to a backdrop of indie-fine party tunes. Optica is no different, though tinged with the added whimsy that reflecting on a decade in the game brings—and that’s on top of coming from the city with the finest heritage in sad pop: Stockholm. On “Chasing the Sinking Sun,” guitar riffs thrill and a downbeat vocal delivery sighs with relief before the chorus explodes and then refrains into a fadaway “runaway, runaway.” “Walking In Your Footsteps” is a similarly excellent slice of happy–sad with a bass line that pivots, literally turning feet onto the dance floor. Another collection of pop spells that’s to at least 10 more years. 


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