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Shout Out Louds
Work - Merge
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Tamara Vallejos on March 25, 2010


Shout Out Louds

On Our Ill Wills, Shout Out Louds’ 2007 album, the Swedish quintet heavily channeled that ’80s tradition of jangly, danceable pop music tinged with melancholy. Work, however, shows that their previous aesthetic has undergone plenty of changes in the past three years. Gone are the grandiose, synthesizer-laden layers featured on Our Ill Wills and in their place is an emphasis on more organic tunes, some of which—gasp—feature only tiny instances of synth, if any. Work’s fourth track, “Walls,” was the first to be written and is the best example of these new ideals. Initially accompanied only by drums, singer Adam Olenius’ lyrics manage to feel commendably honest rather than emo: “I took too many pills and wrote my will just to get to you.” But the song soon switches its tone and swells into a gorgeous crescendo of piano and guitar. “I feel so much better now,” he sings, ultimately turning “Walls” into something wonderfully uplifting. And while not all of Work is as infallible—album closer “Too Late, Too Slow” has a title that aptly sums itself up—it’s still exciting to see Shout Out Louds breaking away from the Robert Smith adoration that was so present on previous efforts. 

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