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She & Him
A Very She & Him Christmas - MERGE
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Clare R. Lopez on November 7, 2011


She & Him

When yuletide tunes are done right, you don’t mind—and perhaps even embrace—having yourself a Charlie Brown Christmas or snuggling up to the well-known crooners’ winter classics. Joining the loop this holiday season are Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward with A Very She & Him Christmas. A mixture of ageless standards and cheery radio regulars, the duo has kept these 12 tracks simple and sweet. Favoring a refreshingly minimal approach throughout, familiar favorites like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” get the She & Him treatment—acoustic guitar, a touch of whistling and playful back-and-forth between Ward and Deschanel as they swap this duet’s traditional “his” and “her” vocals. Yet they also balance out their understated interpretations with renditions similar to the originals. On “Little Saint Nick,” the ukulele and sleigh bells accompany Deschanel’s kindred delivery of the Beach Boys’ signature lead and backing vocals. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree to this is a must.


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