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Scissor Sisters
Night Work - Universal
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Erin Hall on June 9, 2010


Scissor Sisters

Three years in the making, Scissor Sisters are finally ready to debut their third studio recording, Night Work. No surprise here—it’s a dance album filled to the brim with beats that could make even a corpse twitch. Fans of the band’s throwback disco vibe have a handful of tracks to cling to, but for those of us who are turned off by the Barry Gibb falsetto (I still haven’t forgiven them for that mediocre bathhouse cover of “Comfortably Numb”) there is some intriguing diversification. Vocalist Jake Shears shows off his stunning range on “Fire with Fire,” a propulsive, theatrical ballad. “Something Like This” and “Skintight” are more relevant than anything they’ve produced in years. “Harder You Get” is the definition of glam, while “Skin This Cat” is a sleazy, synth-filled trip. If they continue in this direction, leaning more Bowie than Bee Gees, the Sisters could potentially open themselves up to a whole new audience. ERIN HALL

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