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Silence Yourself - MATADOR/POP NOIRE
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Ken Scrudato on May 23, 2013



Fronted by a black-clad fire-breather who goes by the deceptively unthreatening moniker Jehnny Beth, Savages traject a world hurtling towards oblivion. High-speed, tension-plagued stormers like “Shut Up” and “Husbands” sound like they may shatter into obliteration at any moment. Not content to simply cop post-punk aesthetics, these East London dread merchants are steeped in the sort dystopianism and apocalyptic anxiety that drove the likes of Killing Joke and The Banshees to such dizzying heights of foreboding. Guitars squeal and howl as if they were burning machinery, drums gallop and thunder, making each track its own pummeling, metallic symphony. The bedlam only recedes on “Dead Nature,” two minutes of a single, spectral bass note—possibly the sound of existence’s final gasp. Indeed, when during the relentless “City’s Full” Beth howls, “Your serious eyes/Dehumanize” over a mess of tortured guitar screech, you may just want to make straight for the safe room. 

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