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Rose Windows
The Sun Dogs - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 75%

By Loren Auda Poin on July 25, 2013


Rose Windows

For a debut album, especially one of hard, bluesy, esoteric rock, The Sun Dogs is damn good. Rose Windows possess a true and immense rock power—probably the sole criterion for that appellation. One can’t help, however, but feel a bit tired by the ways Rose Windows seem to fit a certain mold: witchy lead singer, Native American flute, Black Sabbath influence. At a certain point, the question must be asked, what more is to be mined in this vein? The Sun Dogs features solid, compelling songwriting and sounds wonderful; heavy, spacious guitars flare up amidst the smoke, and when these guys start to rip, there’s no stopping them. To an extent, Rose Windows were labeled and wrapped up in the shiny psych-rock packaging in utero—it’s unfortunate for this group that people can’t seem to mention them without a Grace Slick comparison—but some of that onus is on the band themselves. 

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