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Senior - MB3
FILTER Grade: 70%

By Tamara Vallejos on December 22, 2010



On Junior, last year’s full-length release from Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp, there was plenty worth bringing to the dance floor. But an unexpected highlight was the instrumental “Röyksopp Forever,” featuring moody beats and a wickedly climactic violin section. The band promised more, and now they return with Junior’s mellow and fully instrumental counterpart, Senior. This time, the music is far more suited for winding down after the club than for the club itself, thanks to hypnotic tracks like wistful “Senior Living” or “The Alcoholic,” with its vaguely Polynesian vibe backed by chirping birds and rainfall. But while Senior is sometimes reminiscent of Röyksopp’s stellar 2001 debut Melody A.M., it also feels like a poor man’s attempt at an Air record. “Tricky Two,” which is just Junior’s “Tricky Tricky” stripped of guest Karin Dreijer Andersson’s gripping vocals, serves as an especially potent reminder of the heights Röyksopp has reached in the past but didn’t quite hit this time around.

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