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FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kyle Lemmon on March 5, 2013



Neither a mononym nor a singular woman, Rhye is a promising collaboration between Toronto singer/producer Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal of Danish electro-soul outfit Quadron. The downy-soft R & B/soul duo—who now reside in Los Angeles—bonded two years ago when Milosh was asked to remix a Quadron tune. The corporeal music on their debut album, Woman, falls in the tradition of candlelit singers such as Anita Baker and Sade. These arrangements can be passion-fueled exemplars of kinetic carnality (“Hunger”), moonlit paeans to coy nights (“Last Dance”) or hushed coos building up to an earth-shattering climax (“Open” and “The Fall”). Milosh’s vocals possess androgynous qualities that suit his sensual subject matter. It’s no coincidence the controlled rise and fall of the album’s supple piano and strings mimic the rhythms of lovemaking 
(...well, “conventional” lovemaking at least), and that persistent bass guitar slathered over each track is the lubrication that lends an album on the brink of listlessness a sense of proper momentum. A blush to the cheeks means the music is working.


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