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Body Faucet - VAGRANT
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Bailey Pennick on May 11, 2012



Classic Rugrats character Reptar has inspired a television show, a movie, a rollercoaster, a toy franchise, an (amazing) ice show and now a rock band. Not bad for a crudely drawn fake Godzilla. The latest of the “spin-offs” is an indie rock quartet from Athens, Georgia, whose infectious upbeat music could spark a dance pandemic. Body Faucet, the full-length debut from Reptar, is full of high-energy instrumentation, catchy call-and-response lyrics and the unique voice of Graham Ulicny. Songs like “Please Don’t Kill Me,” “Submerged Shoulder Kisses” and “Houseboat Babies” (which is just begging for an awesome remix) catch the boys at their best, even though the tracks linger a bit too long. Complete with horn section and surf guitar (plus obvious Vampire Weekend influences), Body Faucet is a good summer album because it’s just pure fun. Get ready for the “Reptar, Reptar, got to find that Reptar!” chants. 

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