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Real Estate
Atlas - DOMINO
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kyle MacKinnel on March 3, 2014


Real Estate

Dating back to the OG marriage of Budweiser and Sprite, the spatial focus of Real Estate has long navigated an interior sort of geography. 2009’s self-titled debut and its 2011 follow up, Days, nostalgically roved the New Jersey neighborhoods, trying to reconcile invisible distances between lingering dreams and the passing time. Atlas, the ever-weighty third album, finds this cohesive crew, past and present now in lockstep, considering how best to turn their internal dialogue outward and beyond. On lead single Talking Backwards,” newlywed singer Martin Courtney stumbles over the paradox of connecting with his lover from a distance. “The Bend,” a fine example of understated guitarist Matt Mondanile’s move away from affable hooks in favor of brewing intricate lines, is also hung up on the rigors and stresses that come with Life On Tour. The conciliation being: No matter where on the map Real Estate are dropped, this a band of guys who truly seem to understand each other. 


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