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Real Estate
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kyle MacKinnel on October 18, 2011


Real Estate

Even though their first record came out in a November, Real Estate’s shimmery haze feels ideally suited to the middle of July. Although album two, Days, drops this October, something sagacious about these tunes suggests that a rearview look at their prime might be entirely appropriate after all. From the excellent opener “Easy” to “Out of Tune”’s lackadaisical drift to the extended jam of “All the Same,” Days is a glorious exercise in group cohesion. If one were to translate Matt Mondanile’s plucky Stratocaster babblings into English, they would probably tell of the same nostalgia in Martin Courtney’s lyrics. The two often seem to weave together like tandem voices anyway. In other words, the individual parts at play here definitely equal more than their sum, but none ever stray too far from home. And why should they? In just two very natural albums, the dudes from Ridgewood, New Jersey, have managed to ensconce the indie ethos better than anyone has in quite a while, and the time of their season is right now.


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