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Real Estate
Real Estate - WOODSIST
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kyle Lemmon on January 12, 2010


Real Estate

During the summer, the shadows are long, shirts are optional, tan lines read like tiny memoirs and BBQs are the de rigueur social mixers. The season’s hazy ennui is the aesthetic choice for the New Jersey pop quartet, Real Estate. The promising young group—spearheaded by lo-fi mavens Martin Courtney IV and Matthew Mondanile III (Ducktails)—pinwheel lawn chair-ready tunes on its impressive self-titled debut. Like Desolation Wilderness, the quartet gives the whammy bar a real workout on the sodden echo of “Pool Swimmers” or the jubilant boardwalk jam, “Beach Comber.” Indolent afternoon sun bakes the cracked pavement on the aptly titled “Suburban Beverage” and “Let’s Rock the Beach,” while sweltering vapors coalesce for the haunting “Black Lake.” Real Estate even bends an ear toward roots music on the chiming and loping “Green River.” All of these bittersweet tracks are gloriously faint approximations of everyone’s favorite seasonal affective disorder.

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