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LP4 - XL
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Lynn Lieu on June 4, 2010



With LP4, Ratatat creates yet another sloping soundscape despite similarities to 2008’s LP3, which was recorded during the same studio session. On this album, the melancholic undertones of LP3 are taken to new levels as slower tracks like “We Can’t Be Stopped” and “Mahalo” act as sonic valleys to otherwise mountainous tunes—as evidenced by openers “Bilar” and “Bob Gandhi,” which incorporate resounding crescendos and afro beats. After traveling through dance thumps and mellow-island rhythms, the album slows and fades in closing track “Alps,” leaving you with that drowsy, drifting-out-to-sea feeling. Like LP3, Ratatat’s sound is fuller than on its freshman and sophomore releases. And with strings more dominate on LP4, once again, the guitars actually sound like guitars. Throw me that pick. LYNN LIEU

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