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Yessir Whatever - STONES THROW
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Pat McGuire on June 20, 2013



Here in 2013, if you know about Madlib then you know all about Quasimoto, the blunted-and-brilliant producer’s helium-voiced, delinquent alter ego. And if you don’t…well, surprisingly, this new collection of 12 rare and previously unreleased Lord Quas tracks is actually a pretty good introduction. The idea that it took the tireless Beat Konducta 12 years to release this dirty dozen is laughable; it’s like Sam Jackson quitting the acting game to cobble shoes for a decade in between roles. Considering that, one might be led to believe that Yessir Whatever is an afterthought, a quick Quasimoto (relative) cash grab. Don’t cop that logic; cop the record instead. While it does lack the sprawling, cinematic vibes of the previous two Quasimoto albums (and most of the skits), it will appeal to fresh ears for its lack of the sometimes-difficult segmentation and abrupt change-ups in which those records often mired. Here are some dozen Quasimoto songs that have choruses, long-rapped verses and repeating hooks that still manage to retain all the humor, weird samples, Madlib–Quas interplay and classic ’Lib jazz freakouts that can only be found inside Lost Gates. True, it was often the little moments and idiosyncrasies that propelled The Unseen and The Further Adventures of Lord Quas to their far-out Astro Travellin’ heights, but Yessir Whatever’s “Broad Factor,” “Sparkdala” and “LAX To JFK” stand up to “Microphone Mathematics,” “Low Class Conspiracy” or “Greenery” pretty well on their own. That’s not to say we can expect to hear the Bad Character on the radio anytime soon, but still, this is a redheaded stepchild that fits in with its family just fine. Those who don’t like it can eat a brick sandwich. 

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