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FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kyle Lemmon on June 3, 2013



Multi-instrumentalist and producer Robin Hannibal first garnered attention with his pop-leaning Quadron project with vocalist Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj. But earlier this year, his sensual R & B side project Rhye expanded his culture cache even more. Quadron’s Avalanche is hard to disregard for different reasons. Whereas Rhye’s lush debut Woman was slightly discreet, Quadron’s sophomore record is an intoxicating cocktail of electro-dance, funk and R & B, tailor-made to be imbibed again and again. Karshøj’s singing is dynamic and fragile in equal fashion. She commands a horn-led melody on “Favorite Star” and tiptoes alongside a strutting electronic bass on “It’s Gonna Get You.” The record’s crown jewel is the addictive piano pop single “Hey Love,” which is rightfully being synced with nearly every popular TV show. Avalanche enjoys an embarrassment of melodic riches and the luminous release blows up the fragile soul heard on the duo’s self-titled debut to heroic proportions. 


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