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Spills Out - BRAH
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Tamara Vallejos on November 28, 2011



Brooklyn-based trio Pterodactyl is most often cited as fitting into the noise punk genre, but the truth is that beyond the barrage of hyperactive sound, there lies a band with a melodic sensibility. Granted, it takes a session of attentive listening to pinpoint it; zone out for a few seconds and it’s easy for one track of grit, fuzz and tension to bleed into another. Album opener “School Glue” is the best example of something approaching a pop tune, with its harmonious vocals battling a wall of crashing drums and relentless guitar. But the highlight of Spills Out appears several tracks later with “Zombies.” There’s an unsettling vibe befitting its title, and also a tinge of ’60s influence that could be likened to—who else?—The Zombies. On the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t have to search so hard, instead appreciating Spills Out as a way to simply let off some steam.


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