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Remembrance of Things to Come - HIT CITY U.S.A./EASTER EVERYWHERE
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Clare R. Lopez on February 22, 2012



With their sunny disposition, eclectic-yet-traditional instrumentation and clever lyrical allusions, it was nearly impossible for Princeton’s 2009 debut, Cocoon of Love, to escape superficial comparisons to the work of a certain New York band that doesn’t care for the oxford comma. But they can bid those days farewell as they usher in the release of their sophomore record, Remembrance of Things to Come. Keeping the sugary pop that defined their first album in check, the Los Angeles–based four-piece has recreated themselves by reworking the classical elements engrained in their sound, mixing in dance-y beats (no doubt influenced by Jesse Kivel’s disco-driven side project Kisses) and using it all to craft layers of sonic texture. You can’t help but be pleasantly surprised and impressed by how much this effort doesn’t borrow from its predecessor. In addition to this feat, Princeton leaves you ever more curious to hear what is to come next.


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