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Prince Rama
Shadow Temple - Paw Tracks
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Loren Poin on September 7, 2010


Prince Rama

On its first outing for Paw Tracks, Prince Rama proves that mystical Hindu rites do, indeed, sound even cooler through delay pedals and a Sega Genesis as backing. This isn’t just another trio of chanting heretical art students, however; Shadow Temple gathers and passes like a fractal sonic thunderhead, expanding, striking, and then lulling the listener with a cool patter of electronic rain. “Lightening Fossil” is a testament to the band’s prowess in musical dynamics and “Mythras,” shot through with green fog and lasers, soars like an interplanetary hang glider. There is something wonderfully alien about Prince Rama’s music, even in a cultural moment saturated with special effects. It is clear that Prince Rama is a band with aural purpose, and that makes it a welcome swell in an undertow of strangeness in which underground music is presently trapped.

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