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Portugal. The Man
Evil Friends - ATLANTIC
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Zack Kraimer on June 11, 2013


Portugal. The Man

There are essentially two components enmeshed to form Evil Friends—the melodies that Portugal. The Man wrote and performed, and the ambience that Danger Mouse cultivated through his production. Clear overlap exists between the two, and though each party’s mannerisms are distinct, DM’s influence is readily apparent. Friends finds P.TM exploring territory both familiar and foreign, with DM mostly borrowing from his regular stable of production techniques, reliable though they are. Garage-punk sneer, colossal balladic crescendos and unabashed pop appear side-by-side amidst a prevailing sense of optimistic confidence. Each track sounds crisp and full, but some appear a bit stiff in their execution. Lengthy but not overly so, Evil Friends has an urgency that conveys a certain significance, even during moments of relative lull. It’s more streamlined than their past work, more ornate while simultaneously accessible and experimental, though that may be partially to their producer’s credit.  

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