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Porcelain Raft
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Mike Hilleary on February 10, 2012


Porcelain Raft

After spending over 20 years shelving his more experimental musical tendencies, Mauro Remiddi seems to have successfully found his niche in the guise of Porcelain Raft. After a handful of independent releases and one label-backed EP, the Italian-born singer-songwriter has cultivated a worthy full-length debut in Strange Weekend, an album of beautifully woozy bedroom pop. Recorded over two months spent in a Brooklyn basement, it bleeds in ethereal loops, underwater-washed melodies and floating effects, establishing a sense of suspended consciousness, like a hospital patient desperately fighting his way out of a coma. As much as there is a feeling of ease and comfort in the way it all lulls you, there’s an undercurrent of restlessness and escape. While some may find the spacey atmospherics a bit too delicate, when he’s at his best (such as with the stellar track “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”) Remiddi is able to successfully channel trippy psychedelia of beyond.

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