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Pillar Point
Pillar Point - POLYVINYL
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Sarabeth Oppliger on May 9, 2014


Pillar Point

Extending beyond his indie-pop project Throw Me The Statue and further into a realm of introspective electropop, Scott Reitherman’s debut as Pillar Point will be familiar to previous fans, yet different enough to place the two projects outside of the same genre. While the beats that carry tracks like “Eyeballs” and “Curious Of You” are somewhat recognizable, Reitherman’s accentuated gloom is unmistakable, adding new depth as he dives unabashedly into emotive lyricism that pairs nicely with the textural layering of synth slathered across the record. As a tactile attempt to process the chaos around him, the multi-instrumentalist melds ’80s dance pop beats with melancholic shoegaze, allowing inner conflict to become a sort of nucleus for his music. Often, there’s an audible a friction between the vocals and the buoyancy of the melodies, but the general intent still shines through—feel it.


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