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Fading Parade - Sub Pop
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Clare R. Lopez on March 4, 2011



Towering floats and performers in exaggerated costumes inch by in between marching bands blasting cover songs that were once played to the point of overkill. For hours on end, people sit on the curb or stand shoulder-to-shoulder just to take in the traveling spectacle. Papercuts’ fourth album and Sub Pop debut, Fading Parade, is nothing like this overwrought, overwhelming assault on the senses. From the rising and falling melody of “Do You Really Wanna Know” to the clean yet shimmering guitar and unhurried beat on “Charades,” it has an appeal all its own that feels akin to the buzz in the air as the grandstand disperses in every direction and the streets become still again. Where will you go after the procession has moved past? Perhaps forward along in a roundabout way—a satisfying alternative if you’re all for taking the scenic route.

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