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We Don't Even Live Here - RHYMESAYERS
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Zachary Sniderman on November 8, 2012



Halfway through this barn-burning record of fluid beats and sideways rhymes, you start to wonder why P.O.S. had a thing against-hip hop. Originally a Minneapolis punk rocker, P.O.S. dropped the grudge in 2004 and, thankfully—fortunately—gave rap a shot. We Don’t Even Live Here is a masterful, aggressive record of intelligent rhymes and offbeat styles. “Get Down” goes dub, “Where We Land” features Bon Iver and “Wanted-Wasted” aims old-school. P.O.S. takes a page from labelmate Aesop Rock, but with less verbosity and more purpose, more swagger; the record starts slow, but good luck putting it down. 

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