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Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven - WARP
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Marty Sartini Garner on October 2, 2013


Oneohtrix Point Never

For his next trick, New York–based sound collagist Daniel Lopatin has pitch-shifted his way up to Warp and, along with the expansion of his cultural cachet, his claustrophobic terrariums have grown into full-fledged environments. 2011’s Replica was woven from finely-sliced snippets of TV ads that coiled into one another, the infinitesimal gaps between the samples forming their own secondary soundscape. For its part, R Plus Seven opens with no less orthodox a sound than booming church organ, which stands in defiance as Lopatin flings beads of rhythm in its face in opener “Boring Angel,” and caps it in the heartbreaking closer “Chrome County.” Processed choirs float in and out, and when Lopatin does deploy the abbreviated vocal tics that formed Replica’s gravel base, he spaces them miles apart from one another. While the emotional landscape here is rarely familiar, those celestial sounds pry the weave apart and at least make it easier to survey. R Plus Seven isn’t the masterpiece of technical error that its predecessor was; it’s the dissection of a heart.  


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