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of Montreal
Daughter of Cloud [compilation] - POLYVINYL
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Jeffrey Brown on November 5, 2012


of Montreal

Ever prolific, of Montreal have also tended to be incredibly eclectic. Though over the last six years, their albums have become generally more accessible, even while indulging frontman Kevin Barnes’ restless experimentation with sound and songwriting. Collecting rarities and B-sides from this period, Daughter of Cloud is a surprisingly cohesive showcase of hooks and frenetic energy. The range of subject matter isn’t as consistently dark as this year’s full-length Paralytic Stalks, but it’s still engaging and even humorous. The highlight is a new version of  “Feminine Effects” featuring singer Rebecca Cash for a much different of Montreal sound. Devoted fans may already have many of the seven-inches some of these songs appeared on and new listeners may not find this a better entry point than any particular album, but casual fans who have enjoyed the last four releases from the band should greet this as a welcome surprise.


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