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Bed & Bugs - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Paula Mejia on September 9, 2013



From the ashes of Hot Snakes came Obits, a knee-jerking rock-and-roll band fresh from a garage you’d imagine somewhere in Louisiana. The guys’ third Sub Pop release, the vibrant Bed & Bugs, was bred in a swamp, then laid to sun-dry on a surf-punk beach just for good measure. Obits have seriously sharpened their craft since their last release, 2011’s Moody, Standard and Poor. Where their previous work brimmed with hooks that never quite reached a conclusion, Bed & Bugs tightens the screws on these jams, especially in the pan-fried “Operation,” one of the album’s many speckled headbangers. With Motown-greased guitar licks and blues twangs, it’s nearly impossible to not bust a move listening to Bed & Bugs. It’s easily the most-realized project from the guitar-wielding freewheelers, shy in the right spots but also unafraid of boogieing down in a dive bar.  

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