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Moody, Standard and Poor - Sub Pop
FILTER Grade: 83%

By David C. Obenour on March 28, 2011



First, a little name dropping: Rick Froberg used to be in Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes; Sohrab Habibion used to be in Edsel; Scott Gursky used to be in Shortstack; and Greg Simpson might be the luckiest bassist ever. When their four powers combine, they are Obits. As first displayed on the band’s 2009 debut, I Blame You, Froberg is no longer hollering his way through a dozen or so tracks as he has in the past. (His throat hurts, and years of hollering your way through a dozen or so tracks will do that.) But not even that can stop this sophomore album from kicking out the jams Obits has assembled—a fine mix of Motown mayhem and surf-abilly, all blared from out of a definitively American garage. Lyrically, the songs revolve around topics of drinking, women, forgiveness…stuff that could pretty much write itself at this point. It’s nothing new, but it’s nothing bad, either.

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