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Nosaj Thing
FILTER Grade: 78%

By David C. Obenour on February 27, 2013


Nosaj Thing

Innovative Leisure’s not only the record label for Nosaj Thing’s sophomore release, but it’s also a pretty succinct summary for Home. The album unfolds pleasantly but only manages to grab the listener’s attention on a handful of occasions. Vocals from Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino on second track “Eclipse Blue” definitely hit the Portishead vibe, but maybe a little too closely and the comparison doesn’t do it any favors. 
Toro Y Moi’s track “Try,” on the other hand, fares better in meshing the pairing’s styles for a chill but intricate end to the album. The main fault with the songs in between is that for all of the styles and sonic textures from which Nosaj draws, he doesn’t fully execute on any. It’s not sexy enough to be an electro R & B album, it’s not warm enough to be a sparse IDM album and it’s not banging enough to be a chill-out track at the club.


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