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Norah Jones
The Fall - BLUE NOTE
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Lynn Lieu on January 6, 2010


Norah Jones

If you’re looking to find a different side of Norah Jones in The Fall, the album may do just that—fall short of expectations, that is. While opener “Chasing Pirates” is a hopeful, upbeat ballad, and fast-paced “It’s Gonna Be” and the Johnny Cash-esque “Tell Your Mama” display breakaway potential, most of The Fall falls flat. Once again, Jones is all lullaby vocals and scorned-woman lilting. When Jones sang, “I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come home,” in “Turn Me On” seven years ago, who knew that she would still be “waiting for you to come home” in 2009, as shown in The Fall’s “Waiting.” Where Come Away with Me and Feels like Home defined Jones’ sound, Not Too Late and The Fall are attempts at altering that sound like a child actress trying to break out of younger roles. But unlike Not Too Late, Jones’ latest decision to ditch her keys for strings is a poor one. In a way, she has indeed found a different beat to groove to, and if anyone can play in a piano bar without a piano, it would certainly be Norah Jones. 

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