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No Joy
Ghost Blonde - Mexican Summer
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Lauren Barbato on January 10, 2011


No Joy

If there’s one track that defines Montreal/L.A.-based shoegaze duo No Joy, it’s the gauzy, lovelorn elegy “Indigo Child.” The higher state of consciousness that is the essence of the song translates into the melodic static of No Joy: the introspective, empathetically in-tune younger sister of drone pioneers My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. The pair has uncovered determination in its aimlessness, elongating space and time more defiantly than its influences with every grubby riff, echoing drum and whispy vocals distinguished yet melding together to form a bearable weightlessness. It’s craftsmanship rather than overwrought noise, and as Ghost Blonde unfolds like a free verse poem—using the guttural screeches on “Mediumship” as a guide—No Joy’s inherently nihilistic name becomes more of a misnomer. Despite the angst and contemplation, Ghost Blonde brings a bit of elation to a new, directionless generation of shoegazers.

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