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Night Beds
Country Sleep - DEAD OCEANS
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Gianna Hughes on February 22, 2013


Night Beds

Although the act of listening to music is aural in theory, if done correctly, a song can create a multisensory landscape. Winston Yellen’s debut Country Sleep builds an intangible place you’re immediately delivered to upon first listen. During “Faithful Heights,” the album’s stunningly tragic opener, you find yourself listening intently, as though Yellen’s lyrics and vocals, which bleed with pathos, hold a weight you’ve only experienced when reminiscing on a love that slipped through your fingers. No grasp could have been firm enough to hold onto such an ethereal feeling that becomes so essential to the experience of life. Country Sleep takes you to the desolate silence that we only experience when the world around us is sleeping—that place where you share secrets that are only safe to tell at night. And it breaks your heart before it gives you hope once again.


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