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Nick Waterhouse
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Angela Ratzlaff on March 4, 2014


Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse breathes and lives 1960s soul— halcyon days of classic surf, gray suit jackets, slicked-back hairdos, thick-rimmed glasses and sock-hop swing. Waterhouse’s sophomore album, Holly, brings back that seamless blend of ’60s throwback and presents a work more mature than his first piece of wax, each groove more grounded and laid-back, digging up darker qualities of the era. Wurlitzer organ drives tracks like “This Is a Game,” while backing female vocalists accompany Waterhouse’s croon on “Let It Come Down.” The Huntington Beach native weaves some mariachi brass into the title track and, throughout the album, heavy toms become rich echoes, filling empty space with thunderous rhythms. Lyrics form twisted stories as each song becomes more mysterious and sultry than the next, making Holly a fitting soundtrack for creeping the streets at night. 


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